StyleShoots Supply

StyleShoots Supply

StyleShoot Eclipse
For shoes and small products.

500+ photos.
100+ videos.
Every day.

The seamless Eclipse workflow automates your content production
process and allows you to supercharge your daily output
immensely. Capture every angle with the 4 axes of robotic camera movement. Eclipse will record, edit and get you ready-to-export files
within minutes.

Watch as Eclipse records, edits and outputs cinematic videos of your
products. You simply design your own Video Presets and let the
machine repeat, repeat, repeat…
Effortlessly capture photos and video
of all your products.

StyleShoots Vertical
Mannequin photography

True color.
True quality.
True ease.

An integrated Canon EOS camera combined with high CRI LED lamps, embedded computer, and patented technology gives consistent true color and pro quality in every shot you take. Everything works seamlessly, removing you from all the technical hassle of getting product images of the highest quality. 

StyleShoots machines help you refine your brand style and maintain a consistently high image quality across your whole website, no matter how many products you publish. With better content to browse, your customers can more easily focus on your products and make the right choice.

StyleShoots’ patented technology saves you time on post-production. Multiple shots are taken, assessing over 60 million pixels to create a true alpha transparency mask.

Using the built-in Light Controller feature, photographers and stylists can have full control over global light balance by simply swiping a finger over the iPad’s Live View.

StyleShoots machines are easy to integrate into any studio. A shared StyleShoots Drive storage volume connects to your internal network so you can work with your images instantly or custom script them to a CMS.

StyleShoot LIVE
For shoes and small products.

Videos. Stills.
One set.
Any workflow.

By condensing a photo and video studio into one machine, the speed
and efficiency of your model shoots is unparalleled. The machine works
alongside your stylist and your videos are auto-edited on the fly, instantly
ready for review.

High quality video. Incredible stills. All created with ease and speed. Keep your audience engaged with a constant stream of content across all of your channels. Within minutes, export auto-edited, formatted video and stills. All ready for e-commerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and signage. It’s fast moving content for fast moving fashion.

With a 4K capable Canon EOS camera embedded inside the machine, you get unrivaled quality in stills and video.

By being shot on the same set,   your stills and videos match, giving your customers a consistent experience.

All of your stills and videos are saved based on product name. All you need to do is grab your files from the shared StyleShoots Drive. 

Within minutes, your videos and stills are formatted to your preset style, ratio and dimensions. All you need to do is check and publish.

Using the included iPad Pro, you can control every element of the Live machine.  And see the results swiftly in glorious detail.

Get the perfect look with touch controlled, directional lighting and fully customizable flooring and backdrops.