Sustainability is woven into who we are and what we make.

It’s why we’re committed to owning less by creating durable and versatile products, using recycled materials, manufacturing responsibly, and collaborating for change.

It all started
with a road trip.

When you have to pack all your gear and four people into a ‘98 Subaru Outback, you realize what’s important to you. It got us thinking: if we had less gear, we’d have more room for adventure. What began as a goal to create high-quality, versatile products, quickly turned into a way of life. We wanted to own less and do more.

That simple, radical idea changed everything. It was the thread that guided us to our most important decisions. Using certified post-consumer recycled materials and swearing off virgin materials was a no-brainer. To us, there’s no better way to own less than making use of what we already have, and there’s already plenty of plastic waste. Too much.

But it isn’t enough. With Nomadix, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making gear to inspire your next adventure, and that will last for every adventure after. Made with the highest quality materials, it’s meticulously designed to replace your separate towels for camping, yoga, beach and travel. Light, packable, versatile, sustainable: some of the many reasons it’s the only towel you need. Now you can start your own journey to own less, do more.

Own Less. Do more.

We make quality products designed to be so durable and versatile, you only ever need one.

It’s our mantra. We believe that when you own less stuff, you are able to do more, see more, and live more. But when you live with less, your gear needs to be tough enough for anything that comes your way. That’s why we meticulously designed our products to hang with you through any adventure. We want you to leave your mark on the world, not your waste. Just grab one and go.

Absorbing Waste

We use post-consumer recycled materials to make revolutionary new products.

Part of living with less means using what you already have. You never waste a thing. With so much plastic waste floating in our oceans and trashing our communities, we’ve committed to using post-consumer recycled materials for everything we make. And since our fibers are designed to dry quickly and resist bacteria that cause towel funk, you can wash less and save precious water.

Through years of research and development into turning recycled plastics into durable and versatile fibers, developing responsible manufacturing practices, avoiding harmful dyes that waste and pollute our water, we protect the world we love.

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Our Moral Fiber

We strive to create a healthy environment for the planet, for our people, and our partners. 

As a Social Purpose Corporation, we’re about more than just the bottom line. Our commitment to protecting the environment is part of the fiber of our being, which means that we never have to sacrifice that mission for profits. It’s why we ditched individual plastic packaging, even though most retailers require it (cough, cough Amazon). Worth every penny.

Our mission affects every choice we make, big and small, like maintaining healthy manufacturing practices, or giving our employees unlimited vacation days so they can live their best lives inside and outside the office. All the way down to the little things like using eco-friendly toilet paper, and bringing our reusable water bottles to work, we think the change starts with us.

Do more for your brand with customized Nomadix towels.

Cheap swag is forgettable and ends up in a landfill. Don’t let it happen to your brand. So ditch the plastic pens, think bigger than another customized water bottle, and make a more lasting impact for your organization with The Only Towel You Need®.

Whether it’s a way to promote your business, or a unique gift for employees, put your signature on a product they’ll take around the world, on every adventure. Inspire your community, raise awareness, and see how far your brand can travel.

Our Commitment

The ecological footprint of the products we buy today will have an impact on our planet for future generations. It is therefore our responsibility to work for sustainable solutions that do more good than harm, so that one day we can leave this planet in a better state than we found it.

We have a dual approach. Our ethos is „OWN LESS. DO MORE“. We want our customers to buy only durable and environmentally friendly products that they can use for different purposes. This allows you to free yourself from material possessions and use your time and money for travel and a more fulfilling life.

As a company with social responsibility, all Nomadix products are produced as sustainably as possible. We feel obliged to pass this philosophy on to our partners. Our towels are made of certified recycled post-cosumer material. In this way we ensure that existing resources are used for our products instead of harvesting new ones from our planet.